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Misanthropy: a hatred or distrust of humankind, as when folks passing for environmental activists declare human beings a blight upon the World. The implied dualism is older than Descartes.

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First Law of Thermodynamics: Strength cannot be developed or ruined, only converted into One more type. Sunlight into tissue; movement into electricity.

Atomic Range: variety of protons inside the nucleus of an atom. Atomic Pounds: the weighted common on the masses of In a natural way occurring isotopes of a presented factor. ATP (adenosine triphosphate): the Power molecule that powers organisms by fueling the mobile's chemical reactions. It does this by surrendering one of its three phosphate teams whilst breaking down chemically from the existence of h2o (hydrolysis) into ADP.

Dioxin: a hugely poisonous chlorinated hydrocarbon used in herbicides and produced by industrial pollution.

Amnion: a fluid-crammed sac that properly enfolds a expanding mammal, reptile, or fowl embryo. The amnion here is believed to get permitted animals to come back away from The ocean onto land.

Mesocyclone: a spinning column of air within a thunderstorm which has a steep updraft. About half of mesocyclones spawn tornados.

Nonsymbiotic Mutualism: a romantic relationship of relative independence, nonetheless needed for both of those species, as with bees and apple trees.

when they're decreasing.) A Regular prevalence under the Earth's surface area. Metamorphic rocks make up most of the Earth's crust.

Drumlin: an elongated hill of glacial until or drift whose slender conclusion points toward the retreating glacier.

Colonial Nesting: the behavior of specific birds--egrets, swallows, herons--to make concentrated colonies. (Historic note: 1 calendar year a radio microphone was set up at Mission San Juan Capistrano to Express the flappings of departing swallows to listeners throughout heavily colonized Orange County, even so the inconsiderate avians flew off ahead of agenda. The missionaries experienced accomplished a little something similar in 1834 when the mission was secularized.)

Anapsid: a vertebrate whose cranium includes no side openings driving the eyes. The only living examples are turtles.

Acre-Foot: the quantity of drinking water it might acquire to deal with an acre of land into a depth of 1 foot: 325,851 gallons of drinking water. The standard evaluate of agricultural irrigation.

J-Curve: a curve on the graph that signifies an exponential enhance: the curve commences reduced and angles upward swiftly. All over the world population progress, For example.

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